California Right to Know Information

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

The table below is a part of Yooflix’s Privacy Policy. It describes the categories of personal information we receive when you use our services or visits our websites, our purposes for collecting that information, and the third parties we share it with. For more information on rights that California users have, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Account Information

What it includes
Account information means information that forms part of your account profile? This includes your name or username, contact information (including email address and location), Yooflix account ID, and any personal characteristics you might choose to add to your profile (like your pronoun preferences). If you use Yooflix to seek employment opportunities, your account information may include (at your option), employment history and status.

We may, in certain cases, enrich the information you've provided with data we receive from third parties. Some enriched data may include inferences about your use of other platforms.

We collect most account information directly from you. For example, to register, you must provide an email address and a screen name. We may provide other opportunities to directly provide personal information, such as in your user profile.

We may receive certain account information, like your email address, from a third-party platform if you choose to authenticate your account using third-party log-ins. We may also receive enriched data from third-party platforms where we advertise and third-party analytics vendors.

We use account information to: Provide our services, manage interactions on our services, fulfill orders, implement your preferences, and provide customer support;

  • Improve our services, provide quality assurance, and correct errors;
  • Implement security measures and prevent fraud and other abuse; and
  • Provide updates and offers that you may be interested in.

Third-Party Disclosures
We share account information with select third parties for numerous business objectives: We store your information on third-party cloud infrastructure providers. These providers are not permitted to use your data for any purpose other than providing services to us.

  • We share your account information with our customer support partners and vendors who provide customer relations management (CRM) tools, which allow us to provide support, send you emails, and provide other services.
  • When you authenticate with a third-party account, we will provide information to that platform indicating that you have logged onto our platform with the credentials stored on the third-party platform.