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The Internet is a pretty cool place, but it also gives people the means to insult and/or harass others without taking full responsibility for their words. We request and at the same time we insist that while you are on Yooflix you respect the people as well as their videos. You are free to disagree, but please keep your comment respectful.

Don’t spam or disrupt Yooflix.

The best way to encourage Yooflix community and to engage others to watch your videos are by leaving thoughtful comments or message others with respectful thoughts. We are strictly against sending unsolicited mass messages or posting promotional comments. And Please don’t flood Yooflix with videos uploaded by a robot or a robot-like human in a manner that will disrupt people’s experience here.

Don’t be a creep.

Yooflix is an amazing platform to get connected with people/channel who inspire or empower others from their videos. Please don’t abuse those people/channels with comments or messages that make the recipient feel uncomfortable, such as sexualized compliments, abusive languages or unwelcome advances. Make sure your user avatar and profile do not include nudity, explicit or gory images, spam links, promoting violence images or details designed to impersonate any other person or business.

Thank You!